Our Mission is to set the standard as a

Quality Control Team,

Driven by precision and excellence

Todd MacMillan founded MacMillan Wireless in 2001 after serving in the United States Navy with the purpose of integrating the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment into communications services. The basis was and still is, “We are a customer service company that services the communications industry to the fullest and best of our ability.”

MacMillan Wireless is compromised of a highly qualified team and select associates that believe in the core principles we were built around. With our experience, continuous training and attention to the details, we have been able to stay on top of ever changing technology and requirements to remain a leader in Quality Control testing.

To help reduce site turnaround, our team of professionals and system sees that you are kept up to date with a speedy submission of all info and documents in a timely and accurate manner.

Over the years, MacMillan Wireless has become a company known for its reliability, flexibility and dedication to the overall goal of communications carriers and contractors alike.

Our team guarantees precision and detail oriented results to help any project run smoothly and efficiently.

You can relax knowing MacMillan Wireless is taking your concerns and implementing them into everyday operations to eliminate any stress on your end.

Todd MacMillan
Todd MacMillanCEO/Owner
Proudly served with the United States Navy as an Operations specialist from 1995-2000. There he operated Radar, targeting systems, communications and Global Command and Control systems.

Experience in testing all major and many smaller carriers as well as federal and local government rescue and 911 systems since 2001.

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